Watchdogs cover

Genre Action-adventure
Release 27 May 2014
Wikia watchdogs

Hide Hud

1. Go to: C:/Users/UserName/Documents/


2Change "1" to "0":

UseCompassMiniMap="1" to "0"

UseRoadSignHilight="1" to "0"

UseSubtitles="1" to "0"

UseReticle="1" to "0"

UseWaypoint="1" to "0"

UseHintsAndTutorial="1" to "0"

UsePdaNotification="1" to "0"

UseMinimap="1" to "0"

UseDynamicMission="1" to "0"

UseItemAndRewards="1" to "0"

UseMissionUpdate="1" to "0"

UseFelony="1" to "0"

UseEquipmentAndTools="1" to "0"

UseAmbx="1" to "0"

3. Save the file


Watch dogs no hud

Watch dogs no hud

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