The Vanishing of Ethan Carter




11 September 2015



Enabling Console

The game itself doesn't have a HUD, but below are some tips if you want to take beautiful screenshots.

  1. Go to "steamapps\common\The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux\EthanCarter\Binaries\Win64"
  2. Launch "EthanCarter-Win64-Console.exe"
  3. In-game press "Tilde (~)" to open up the console

Useful Console Commands

Command Effect
Setbind <Key> <Command> Binds the specified command to the specified key
Toggledebugcamera Toggles Free Camera


Disables the red messages on screen
PlayersOnly Freezes all bots
Fov <X> Changes Field of View to the specified degrees
Highreshot 3 Makes hi-res tiled screenshot
Ghost Enables Noclip mode
Walk Disables Noclip Mode
Pause Pauses the game

Additional Information

You can replace Highresshot 3 with any number you want, that number represents the multiplier of your resolution, if you use the number 1, it will take a screenshot at your resolution, if you type 2, it will take a screenshot twice of your resolution.

Please mind that if your GPU isn't powerful enough the game will crash when trying to take a big screenshot, with my GTX 750 Ti, i can't go past HighResShot 3 because the game crashes with the Out of Video Memory error.

ToggleDebugCamera will also let you control the FOV. Optionally, there are various commands that let you play with the colors and effects, as SweetFX and HighResShot don't work at all.

You can view them here (Credits to JonasBeckman from DET).


28050186321 cae49f86c5 k

Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux using Tiledshot, resized from 5760x3240.

Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux Hide Hud \\Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux Remove Hud \\Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux Toggle Hud Off \\Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux Disable Hud \\Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux Without Hud \\Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux Turn Off Hud \\Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux Hud free

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