Turok 2008

  1. Go to "Touchstone\Turok\TurokGame\Config\" directory
  2. Open "TurokInput.ini" file with a notepad
  3. Search for the "[Engine.Console]" heading and change the "ConsoleKey=None" line to "ConsoleKey=Tab"

Hide/Show Hud

In-game press "TAB" to display the console window, then type :


You can bind this key with the command "setbind X Y", e.g.:

setbind F1 togglehud

Useful commands

Command Effect
Setbind <Key> <Command> Binds the specified command to the specified key
playersonly Freezes all bots
turokdebugcam Toggles free camera  on/off
tiledshot 7 Makes hi-res tiled screenshot
fov <X> Changes Field of View to the specified degrees
ghost Enables Noclip mode
walk Disables Noclip Mode



Turok No Hud

Turok No Hud

Turok Hide Hud \\Turok Remove Hud \\Turok Toggle Hud Off \\Turok Disable Hud \\Turok Without Hud \\Turok Turn Off Hud \\Turok Hud free