Tribes Vengeance cover

Right-click on the shortcut for Tribes: Vengeance and in the target field add a space and -console after the executable. While in play, press the TAB key and the console will appear on the bottom of the screen. Enter in a command to get the desired effect.

Hide/Show Hud

showhud 0

showhud 1

Hide/Show Weapon

playersonly   //Freezes the bots and hides weapon

playersonly 0   //Unfreezes the bots

Useful commands

lockcamera   //Unlocks/Locks Camera (your character will walk around but you will still fire from your camera position)

ghost   //Noclip mode on

walk   //Noclip off

fov 10-100   //Changes FoV from 10 to 100



Tribes Vengeance No Hud

Tribes Vengeance No Hud