11 December 2014



Hide/Show Hud

You can disable the HUD and the crosshair through the menu

Useful Console Commands

Press "Tilde (~)" or "F1" to open up console and enter:

Command Effect
hud_bShowWeapon=1/0 Toglles weapon on/off
plr_fFOVOverride=<X> Changes Field of View to the specified degrees
cht_bGhost=1/0 Toggles Noclip mode


Talos Principle No Hud

Talos Principle No Hud

SRWE Supporting

You can run the game in higher resolutions with the use of SRWE tool. How to force higher resolutions:

  1. Change your Desktop resolution to your maximum you can down-sample from (the same applies if you have a second monitor)
  2. Run the game in Window Mode
  3. Find what you want to screenshot first (align,composition etc)
  4. ALT-TAB to Desktop
  5. Open SRWE and Select running Application. Choose your game
  6. Change a Width & a height in the Window position and size (for example Width=5120 & Height=2880)
  7. Take a screenshot
  8. Once finished taking a screenshot change back the resolution in SRWE so the window is visible in your screen

Talos Principle Hide Hud \\Talos Principle Remove Hud \\Talos Principle Toggle Hud Off \\Talos Principle Disable Hud \\Talos Principle Without Hud \\Talos Principle Turn Off Hud \\Talos Principle Hud free \\Talos Principle Hide Gui \\Talos Principle Hide Ui \\Talos Principle Hide Interface

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