Turn-based strategy, Tactics


7 November 2003



Hide/Show Hud

1. Go to the game folder (e.g. "Games\SilentStorm\cfg\")

2. Open "input.cfg" with a notepad

3. Add the following binds to the bottom of the "// GAME BINDS" section:

bind hqscreenshot 'LSHIFT' + 'F9'
bind hideinterface 'F11'

4. Save the file

5. In-game press "F11" to toggle HUD on/off

Useful Keybindings

Key Effect
SHIFT + F9 Makes hi-res tiled screenshot


Silent Storm No Hud

Silent Storm No Hud

Silent Storm Hide Hud \\Silent Storm Remove Hud \\Silent Storm Toggle Hud Off \\Silent Storm Disable Hud \\Silent Storm Without Hud \\Silent Storm Turn Off Hud \\Silent Storm Hud free

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