Shadow Warrior 2013

Genre First-person shooter
Release 26 September 2013
Wikia shadowwarrior

Hide/Show Hud

1. Go to Games/Shadow Warrior/data

2. Open binds.cfg and add these commands:

bind +f1 "r_draw_hud 0"
bind +f2 "r_draw_hud 1"

3. In-game press "F1" and "F2" to toggle HUD on/off

Hide/Show Weapon

1. Go to Games/Shadow Warrior/data

2. Open binds.cfg and add these commands:

bind +f3 "r_draw_weapon 0"
bind +f4 "r_draw_weapon 1"

3. In-game press "F3" and "F4" to toggle Weapon on/off

Useful commands

You also can add some commands for making interesting screenshots. For example:

bind +numpad1 "r_fov 40"
bind +numpad2 "r_fov 50"
bind +numpad3 "r_fov 60"
bind +numpad4 "r_fov 80"
bind +numpad5 "r_fov 100"   //for changing FoV



Shadow Warrior No Hud

Shadow Warrior No Hud

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