Saints Row The Third cover

Genre Action-adventure
Release 15 November 2011
Wikia saintsrow

Hide/Show Hud

1.Download Sandbox+ mod 

2.Unpack and extract the following 6 files in this archive to your SRTT install folder with the exe:

  • audio_banks.xtbl
  • control_binding_sets.xtbl
  • control_schemes.xtbl
  • dlc3_effects.xtbl
  • dlc3_explosions.xtbl
  • sr3_city.lua  

3.Extract both the included preload_anim.vpp_pc and misc_tables.vpp_pc here and overwrite the existing ones: ..\saints row the third\packfiles\pc\cache\

4.Run the game, go to the OPTIONS menu and select CONTROLS, then select SET KEYS & BUTTONS. Press F1 to RESTORE DEFAULTS ALL CATEGORIES

5.Run the game. Once you are in the open world, hold down the first key, then also hold down the second key as well until the command executes. Press 8 + Semicolon (;) to hide/show hud

Useful Keybinds

  • 8 + END   // Hides playermodel
  • F + UP   // Toggles Day Night Cycle on/off
  • F + LBRACKET   // Cycle through other alternate times of day


  • Sandbox+  ; Full command list on Saintsrowmods


Saints Row The Third No Hud

Saints Row The Third No Hud

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