20 August 2013



Hide/Show Hud

1. Download this file

2. Using either 7zip or winrar, extract the following files to your Saints Row IV install folder where the game exe is:


3. Extract "preload_anim.vpp_pc" included in the archive to your /cache file and overwrite the original (\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\packfiles\pc\cache\).

If it doesn't already exist, create a new subfolder named tables in your SRIV install folder and extract "sidescroll_plym.xtbl" file there. The path should be: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\tables\

4. From the main menu, you'll need to navigate through the options menus and reset your key bindings in a couple of different places. The first menu you want to do this is:

Menu Options -> Menu Controls -> Menu Set Keys and Buttons - Press "F1" Restore Defaults All Categories.

The next menu is:

Menu Options -> Menu Controls -> Menu Set Keys and Buttons -> Menu General - Press "F1" Restore Defaults All Categories

5. In-game press "8 + PGUP" to toggle HUD on/off

Useful Keybindings

Key Effect
R + HOME Toggles freecamera
8 + ] Cycles time of day
8 + [ Makes you naked
CTRL + UP ARROW Locks notoriety to 0
E + LEFT ARROW Toggles god mode
E + UP ARROW Gives $100.000 
E + ] Increases player height
E + [ Decreases player height



Saints Row IV No Hud

Saints Row IV No Hud

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