Rage cover


First-person shooter


4 October 2011T



Hide/Show Hud

Right click the game icon in your steam library and select Properties, then click on Set Launch Options and enter +set com_allowconsole 1. In-game press Tilde (`) to open up console and enter:

bind F1 "toggle g_showhud;toggle hands_show"

In-game press F1 to toggle HUD on/off

Useful commands

noclip                          // enables Noclip mode
pm_noclipspeed X    // controls the Noclip Mode speed, e.g. pm_noclipspeed 150
g_fov X                       // controls the Field of View. Default is 80
r_skipglare 1/0           // disables post-processing effects. Default values is 0
notarget                      // enables invisibility
g_stoptime                 // freezes everything (64Bit exe only)



Rage No Hud

Rage No Hud

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