Prey (Xbox 360)


First-person shooter


11 July 2006



Hide/Show Hud

1. Add +set com_allowconsole 1 to the the game executable target line to enable console

2. In-game press Tilde (~) to open up console and enter:

bind "F11" "toggle ui_showGun;toggle g_showHud"

3. In-game press F11 to toggle HUD on/off

Useful commands

 noclip                                 // noclip mode

g_stoptime                         // freezes enemies
g_fov X                             // changes FoV
screenshot 9600 5400 64   //makes a high-resolution screenshot



Prey No Hud

Prey No Hud

Prey Hide Hud \\ Prey Remove Hud \\ Prey Toggle Hud Off \\ Prey Disable Hud \\ Prey Without Hud \\ Prey Turn Off Hud \\ Prey Hud free

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