Third-person shooter


26 JUNE 2007



Hide/Show Hud

Method #1

  1. Download and install GeDoSaTo programm
  2. Go to Whitelist  and copy LostPlanetDX9 || Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (DX9)
  3. Paste it to the User Whitelist
  4. Go to Edit Keybindings in GeDoSaTo and unquote the toggleHUD bind. For example, toggleHUD VK_DIVIDE.
  5. Activate the programm
  6. In-game, press Divide (/) to toggle HUD on/off

Method #2

  1. Download LostPlanetHUDToggle mod by The Janitor (or here )
  2. Unpack it to the game folder
  3. Run the game in Direct x 9 mode
  4. In-game press TAB to toggle HUD on/off

IMPORTANT: As a side effect this also hides menus so you need to press TAB after starting the game to see the menu again.



Lost Planet No Hud

Lost Planet No Hud

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