Hammer & Sickle


Turn-based strategy, Tactics


29 April 2005



Hide/Show Hud

1. Go to the game folder (e.g. "Game folder\cfg\")

2. Open "input.cfg" with a notepad

3. Add the following binds to the bottom of the "// GAME BINDS" section:

bind hqscreenshot 'LSHIFT' + 'F9'
bind hideinterface 'F11'

4. Save the file

5. In-game press "F11" to toggle HUD on/off

Useful Keybindings

Key Effect
SHIFT + F9 Makes hi-res tiled screenshot


Hammer & Sickle No Hud

Hammer & Sickle No Hud

Hammer & Sickle Hide Hud \\Hammer & Sickle Remove Hud \\Hammer & Sickle Toggle Hud Off \\Hammer & Sickle Disable Hud \\Hammer & Sickle Without Hud \\Hammer & Sickle Turn Off Hud \\Hammer & Sickle Hud free

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