Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Game Cover


First-person shooter


28 June 2007



Hide/Show Hud

1. Go to Games\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings\

2. Open "hud_visibility.xml" with a notepad

3. Change:

<hud_element name="health" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="health_background" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="xcom" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="compass" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="awa" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="ammo" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="ammo_background" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="crosshair" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="narcom" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="tag_data" alpha="1.0" /> 
<hud_element name="multiplayer_map" alpha="1.0" />

<hud_element name="markers_enemy" visible="true" /> 
<hud_element name="markers_friendly" visible="true" /> 
<hud_element name="markers_objective" visible="true" />


<hud_element name="health" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="health_background" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="xcom" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="compass" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="awa" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="ammo" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="ammo_background" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="crosshair" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="narcom" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="tag_data" alpha="0.0" /> 
<hud_element name="multiplayer_map" alpha="0.0" />

<hud_element name="markers_enemy" visible="false" /> 
<hud_element name="markers_friendly" visible="false" /> 
<hud_element name="markers_objective" visible="false" />


Ghost Recon- Advanced Warfighter 2 No Hud

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 No Hud

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