Art cover of Dead or Alive 5




30 mARCH 2015



Hide/Show Hud

  1. Go to Extras> Spectator> Com vs Com> Solo
  2. Enter the Photo Mode
  3. While watching the battle press "Space" to toggle HUD on/off

Useful Keys

Key Effect
Left Arrow Pauses the battle
Right Arrow Unpauses the battle
Hold K + W Zooms in
Hold K + S Zooms out
T, G, F, H Camera controls



Dead or Alive 5 No Hud

Dead or Alive 5 No Hud

Dead or Alive 5 Hide Hud \\Dead or Alive 5 Remove Hud \\Dead or Alive 5 Toggle Hud Off \\Dead or Alive 5 Disable Hud \\Dead or Alive 5 Without Hud \\Dead or Alive 5 Turn Off Hud \\Dead or Alive 5 Hud free

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