Cryostatis Sleep of Reason


Horror, First-person shooter


27 February 2009



You need to enable console:

1. Go to Cryostasis Sleep of Reason\Data\Scripts\

2. Open init.cfg with a text editor.

3. Change d.consoleh = 0 to d.consoleh = 1 4. Save the changes.

Hide/Show Hud

In-game press Tilde (~) and enter:

r.weapon 0     // hides HUD and weapon
r.weapon 1     // enables HUD and weapon

Useful commands

d.timescale XX //enables slow motion
d.the_matrix_has_you 1 //playersOnly, freezes the enemies 1 //fly mode 
d.noclip 1 //noclip
r.fov XX //changes the FoV



Cryostasis Sleep of Reason No Hud

Cryostasis Sleep of Reason No Hud

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