Brink cover

To activate the console you must:

  1. Right-click on Brink icon and enter Properties
  2. Add +set com_allowconsole 1 // e.g. E:\Games\Brink\brink.exe +set com_allowConsole 1 
  3. Run the game and while in the main menu open the console with ~ and type devmap, it should say something like "no map specified" but thats ok
  4. Launch a solo game (i.e. campaign or freeplay) and use the command console to type in cheats:

Hide/Show Hud

g_showhud 0

g_showhud 1

Hide/Show Weapon

ui_showgun 0

ui_showgun 1

Useful Commands

For faster usage of a command, you can bind it to a key on your keyboard or gaming mouse. First you must write "bind" then the "key" and then the "command".For example:

bind "F3""g_showhud 0"   //hide hud with F3

bind "F4""g_showhud 1"    //show hud with F4

bind "F5""toggle ui_fov 70 80 90 100"    //changing FoV by clicking F5

noclip   //enables fly mode

notarget   //enables invisibility

ui_fov 110   //changes field of view (can you 110-70)


Brink No Hud

Brink No Hud