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Hide/Show Hud

  1. Go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock
  2. Open User.ini
  3. Find NumPad0= and add ToggleHud, for example NumPad0=ToggleHud
  4. Save the file and under the file properties check "Read Only"
  5. In-game press NUMPAD 0 to toglee hud on/off

Useful Keybinds

The key bindings section of User.ini is under the heading "[Default]". It lists every key on the keyboard and the command bound to it. Keys without any bound command are left blank. This section actually has many subsections, each giving the bound keys for a certain context in the game. To bind any key to a command, find that key in the list and type the command name after the equals sign ("="). Below is a list of common console commands which can be bound. Here is the list:

  • Fly   //Allows the player to fly around
  • Ghost   //Allows the player to move through solid objects
  • Walk   //Disables fly and ghost mode
  • PlayersOnly   //Unfreezes/freezes everything except the player, including doors, projectiles, and other world objects
  • FreeCamera [Value]   //Enables/disables camera rotation (1 = enable camera to be rotated around player, 0 = returns to normal cam)



Bioshock No Hud

Bioshock No Hud