Hide Hud

Method #1

  1. Download this patch, which enables interesting options from unblocked debug menu
  2. Place it into Bundles folder
  3. Activate Debug menu in main menu
  4. In-game press ESC to enter Pause Menu. Here you can find hiding hud option

Useful Options

  • god mode;
  • ghost mode;
  • flight mode;
  • health boost;
  • adrenaline boost;
  • addition weapon (8);
  • adjustment properties of weapon;
  • adjustment properties of character;
  • another options.

Method #2

  1. Download and install GeDoSaTo programm
  2. Go to Whitelist  and copy bionic_commando || Bionic Commando
  3. Paste it to the User Whitelist
  4. Go to Edit Keybindings in GeDoSaTo and unquote the toggleHUD bind. For example, toggleHUD VK_DIVIDE.
  5. Activate the programm
  6. In-game, press Divide (/) to toggle HUD on/off
  • This method also removes the vignette !


Bionic Commando No Hud

Bionic Commando No Hud