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3 February 2015



Enabling Console

  1. Right click the Apotheon icon in Steam
  2. Go into the "Properties" menu and choose the "Set Launch" option
  3. At the end of the field, add "-dev" (without quotes)
  4. Hit "OK" to confirm.

Hide/Show Hud

In-game press "Tilde (~)" to open up the console and enter:


Useful Console Commands

Command Effect
bind <Key> <Command> Binds the specified command to the specified key
nocursor Toggles cursor on/off
observe Toggles Free Camera  on/off
god Toggles invincibility on/off
notarget Toggles invisibility
zoom <X> Changes Field of View  ( X = 1,2,3,etc) 
noclip Toggles Noclip mode on/off
walk Disables Noclip Mode
postprocess Toggles Post-processing, vignette


Apotheon No Hud

Apotheon No Hud

Apotheon Hide Hud \\Apotheon Remove Hud \\Apotheon Toggle Hud Off \\Apotheon Disable Hud \\Apotheon Without Hud \\Apotheon Turn Off Hud \\Apotheon Hud free

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