Aliens vs Predator cover


First-person shooter


16 February 2010



Hide/Show Hud

  1. Download this mod
  2. Copy the extracted aliens vs predator folder to Steam\steamapps\common
  1. Click Yes to All to overwrite all existing files.
  1. Open common.lst from the \Misc folder with the notepad.
  1. Add a the following line at the bottom: misc\NoHUD.en
  1. Save the file and close the notepad.



Aliens vs. Predator No Hud

Aliens vs. Predator No Hud

Aliens vs. Predator Hide Hud \\Aliens vs. Predator Remove Hud \\Aliens vs. Predator Toggle Hud Off \\Aliens vs. Predator Disable Hud \\Aliens vs. Predator Without Hud \\Aliens vs. Predator Turn Off Hud \\Aliens vs. Predator Hud free

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